'When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving inside you, a joy.' Rumi

I'm Nadia, a self-taught artist who uses the medium of watercolour as a means of expression. I find the fluid and unpredictable nature of this paint soothing and exciting at the same time. My paintings are a reflection of my internal feelings and external inspirations; part meditative, part homage to the places I find beauty in.

I combine my appreciation of Oriental Persian/Indian miniature painting style with a looser more western abstract style, a reflection perhaps of my own equally diverse identity. My paintings are an attempt to balance the fluidity and freedom that abstraction provides with the precise and restrained rendering of architectural detailing that I find so inspiring.

I have a deep appreciation of nature and Man's imprint on it. From cultivated landscapes and gardens to ancient, romantic architecture. I'm definitely a city girl at heart and find so much inspiration from the stunning historical surroundings in my hometown of Edinburgh and further afield. What is important to me is to convey a memory or an impression filtered through the lens of imagination using this unpredicatble and delicate medium of watercolour.

My work has been exhibited in several galleries in Edinburgh including the National Gallery of Edinburgh, Bon Papillon, Marchmont Gallery and Arts & Crafts Collective. My work can be found in Edinburgh and as well as several other European countries.

I am a member of Visual Arts Scotland and the Society of Scottish Artists.

If you would like to follow me on this creative journey then please join me on Instagram and Facebook.

Nadia Djavanshir